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Would you rather put $2,000
In Your Pocket or Theirs?
4% Realty offers all the same services as all other real estate firms.
How is 4% Realty different than all other real estate firms?
$$$ SAVINGS $$$
Here is one very important difference between 4% Realty and all other real estate firms.

-- Example --
4% Realty vs. Other Real Estate Firms
$100,000 ---- Listed Price of Home ---- $100,000
X Average of 4% ---- Percent of Commission ---- X Average of 6%

$ 4,000 ---- Real Estate Firm's Commission --- $ 6,000
$96,000 ---Sellers Proceeds from Sale of Home ---- $94,000

Where would you rather put $2,000
In Your Pocket or Theirs?

Services Provided
How Our Concept Works For You ...... Services

First, the lower rate of commission offers the homeowner substantial savings and prompts them to call 4% Realty.
Nearly all listings are phoned in!  This allows our sales associates to spend more time selling rather than seeking listings.

Second, the lower fee attracts a wide variety of homes that generally fit the needs of almost any prospective buyer.

And Third, the marketing concept of 4% Realty flourishes in any type of market.  The lower rate of commission offers more flexibility in negotiating a sale that involves discount points, land contracts and other types of financing.

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List Exclusively with 4% Realty Services

Since June 1978, 4% Realty has successfully sold in the Green Bay area for just a 4% commission. We offer you substantial savings our competitors can't possibly offer you!

We're ready when your are. If evenings or weekends are most convenient for you, just give us a call! Our sales associates are available to serve your anytime!

From recommending the sale price to negotiating the sale. We work in your best interests. We are concerned in saving as much of the equity in your home as possible!

Your home will be frequently advertised through local newspaper advertising. We offer you more advertising than some firms charging twice our fee!

We specialize in residential properties! With sellers like yourself contacting us for our competitive commission fee, our sales associates can use more of their time to concentrate on selling you home!

We separate the lookers from the buyers. We keep an active resister of serious clients that call on us daily, just waiting for new homes to appear on the market. Perhaps some of them are waiting for your home . . .right now!

We help qualified buyers obtain financing to purchase your home. We keep up-to-date with current interest rates and know exactly where to obtain the money needed.

We show your home. We advertise your home. We negotiate the sale. We plain, prepare, and represent you at the closing. We do it all for a 4% commission!

We are a member of the Fox Valley Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and your home can, therefore, be sold by any other Realtor as well as ours at a substantial savings to you!

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Preparation for Showing Services

Let your home appeal to buyers. With a little effort on your part, you home can be sold faster. These tips have proved invaluable to owners and are worth your special attention.

First impressions are lasting.  The front door greets the prospect.  Make sure it is new and clean.  Keep lawn trimmed and free of debris.  Be sure snow and ice are removed from walkways and steps.

Exterior and interior painting make a home appear newer and in better condition.

Let the sunshine in. Open draperies and curtains so show the prospect how cheerful your home can be.

Repairs make a big difference. Dripping water, loose knobs, and sticking doors detract from home value. Have them fixed.
Proper maintenance of electrical, heating, roof, windows and doors show that a home is safe.

Clean from top to bottom. Remove all unnecessary articles from attic and other utility spaces.

Brighten dark dull basements by painting walls.
Safety first. Keep stairways clear. Avoid cluttered appearances and possible injuries.

Make closets look bigger. Neat, well-organized closets show there is ample space.

Bathrooms help sell houses. Make this room sparkle. There definitely should not be mold or mildew present.
Arrange bedrooms neatly. Remove excess furniture. Use attractive bedspreads and freshly laundered curtains.

Three’s a crowd. The potential buyer may feel like an intruder and rush though the house when a seller is present. Sellers should only stay during a showing when necessary.
Pet underfoot? Keep them out of the way-preferably out of sight.

Supplying a list of any updates, remodeling, or additions, that has recently been completed would be very helpful. i.e. April 1999 - new furnace, May 2001 - new carpet in living room, etc.

A word to the wise--Let our agents negotiate price, terms, possessions, and other factors with the customer.

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Realistic Pricing  Services

Here are a dozen reasons why it is so important to realistically price real estate properties.

  1. Overpricing reduces the response the real estate company will receive from their advertising because other properties within the same price range may have more features than yours and sell faster.
  2. Your property must compete with properties now on the market.
  3. Buyers buy by comparison so homes not comparing favorably with those the buyers already inspected do not sell.
  4. Buyers expect more at a higher price and failing to find all they had hoped for at that price become disinterested.
  5. Overpricing causes most homes to remain unsold for too long. Buyers aware of this long period of exposure are hesitant to buy fearful that there is something wrong with the home. This increased sales resistance makes it very difficult to sell.
  6. Many times overpricing causes substantial monetary loss because the owner is compelled to own two homes. Some of these costs are taxes, insurance, maintenance, heat, and interest on equity. These expenses are then combined with the many inconveniences the seller encounters.
  7. Overpricing accomplishes nothing because most homes sell for their fair market value. The advantages of realistic pricing far outweigh any consideration to price a property more than 5-10% above this fair market value.
  8. Salespeople tend to lose their enthusiasm for a home after a number of unfavorable reactions from buyers, causing many of them to discontinue showing the property.
  9. The real estate company making a practice of taking overpriced listings and having their For Sale signs on the property for months without results will become to be known as a poor market researcher.
  10. A real estate salesperson’s most precious commodity is his time. Therefore, a salesperson cannot afford to spend time working overpriced listings.
  11. Overpricing tends to force buyers who could buy in your area to look elsewhere.
  12. The right price is of the utmost importance of the sale in any commodity. Homes priced right usually sell after a normal market exposure.

Aggressive Advertising Concept-4% Realty has a strong marketing sales program assuring your home all of the exposure it needs.

Successful Sales Record-Our list of happy sellers is long.

Multiple Listing Services (MLS)-4% Realty is a member of the MLS which means our company works with all other local realtors to help find buyers for your home.

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Sell and Save!!

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Contract with Four Percent Realty for Buying & Selling

4% Realty has provided quality Real Estate Services to the Brown County area since 1978. We emphasize fast personal service and are always available to answer any of your questions.

4% Realty
is a Wisconsin based Real Estate Brokerage Firm for all of you real estate needs; covering all of Brown and Door Counties and parts of Oconto and Outagamie Counties.

4% Realty
has over 23 years of real estate and appraisal experience.

4% Realty
specializes in listing and selling homes for land and residential and commercial properties. We have sold over 30 million dollars worth of properties during that time.
4% Realty
, a Wisconsin Trade-named Licensed Real Estate Company, would like an opportunity to provide top quality assistance for you at a very reasonable cost.

Reasons for Selling Your Home . . .
There are many reasons for someone needing to sell their home.
Purchasing A New or Larger Home
Contact us to find potential buyers to help determine if the home is reasonably priced.
Estate Settlements
The death of family member, wills, and/or insurance purposes may require the sale of a home.
Courts may require a home to be sold for the divisions of assets.
Investment Property Purchases
When buyers or potential buyers of commercial or apartments buildings find their properties are no longer major tax advantages, they can call 4% Realty to sell their property or find them new investments.
Taxation And Tax Purposes -
Charitable contributions are all tax deductible.
Government Regulations
The government may require owners to sell property.
Avoid Foreclosures
High taxes
, missed house payments or loss of income may be reasons for a person to try to sell their home as oppose to losing to foreclosure.

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What Our Company Offers You .....

Full Time Service-Our sales associates work in your best interests and at your convenience. Your prospective buyer can reach us anytime. Our phones are answered around the clock.

Residential Specialists-Our sales associates share your desire to sell your property quickly at the best market price obtainable. You receive all the benefits of professional salesmanship based on skill, experience, and up-to-date knowledge of the changing market.

Qualified Buyers-We separate “lookers” from buyers and keep an active register of serious clients that call on us daily just waiting for new offerings, like yours, to appear on the market.

Advertising-Your home will be frequently advertised in local newspapers. We offer you as much in advertising exposure as many firms charging twice our fee.

Pricing Assistance-Just because our commission is lower does not mean the price on your home will be too. We help you set the price on your home by telling you what similar homes in your area are going for, and by giving you our recommended price.

Open Houses-We host open houses and point out prospective buyers the beneficial strong points of your home.